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Can I make hair removal session while I am pregnant?

Laser hair removal laser usually does not exceed the surface layer of the skin and will never penetrate the uterus.
If the hair was removed from the belly of a pregnant woman, it is permissible and does not pose any danger to the pregnant woman and does not cause any negative effect.

What the difference between Botox and Filler?

Botox Is a natural protein based on the temporary relaxation of the muscle for 6 months and Botox hides the lines and wrinkles expressive or resulting in age, which are around the eyes , the mouth and between the eyebrows and in the front and show results two weeks after the injection.
Filler is also safe and uses for such as aging and a severe loss of the face leads to the thinner face and other factors and it works to fill these areas and the advantages of the emergence of the result At the same moment.

How to bleach dark sensitive areas in my body?

1. Maintain having soft peeling for your skin once every two weeks.
2. Wear cotton cloth.
3. Avoid direct exposure to sun harmful rays for long-time.
4. Do sports and keep your body rich with vitamins especially vitamin C.
And you can recall body bleaching Wibi Clinic with medical and cosmetic ways in different ways as chemical peeling, laser treatment or bleaching sessions.

How to treat acne without scars?

Reason why acne may leave scars:
1. Unsuitable treatment for skin type.
2. Neglecting of acne treatment because of medical care absence.
3. Squeezing and touching acnes heads continuously.
4. Advancing inflammation of acnes thus it leaves scars.
And Wibi clinic offers professional derma consultancy for acne problem and scars removal using different ways like Derma pin or Peeling sessions.

What is the Fractional laser?

Fractional laser helps to produce cells in the skin collagen and many other important components needed to form and give it flexibility and strength and the emergence of freshness and health, and with the age of these things begin to disappear gradually and show wrinkles and pigmentation and various skin problems and based on that laser starts work.
The affected area is exposed to the skin of the face of the laser radiation. These rays affect the layer and activate their cells and divide and renew and produce collagen to give a new skin better than the previous.
The main difference is in the fractional laser, which may not exceed one week, after which the redness and swelling completely disappear and are able to see the results or begin their development.

Where is the location of the clinic?

The location is CMC Cairo Medical Center behind air force hospital 90 North street
First floor Clinic number 113

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